Friday, December 16, 2011

Book Bag for a Boy

 I have found a place in my house that I can take a photo without flash or blurring. The changing table. With all the bathroom lights on. I wonder if I need a new camera, or a new house, or a new sun?

I started this little bag about a week ago (maybe a little longer) and finally finished it up today. It's intended as a library bag- the Little Man and I have been taking weekly trips to the library. I used this tutorial at Indietutes, so I'm not including process pics. I did make a few alterations to the pattern, mostly the little pocket on the front.

Since it's a library bag, I wanted a spot for a library card. I just made a patch of fabric a little bigger than the card and sewed it down on three sides. I added some of my favorite car fabric from Fabric Bliss and a little spot of velcro to keep the pocket shut.

The tutorial suggests fusible interfacing, but I can't find my iron (T_T). I lined the bag instead, which meant it sags a little, so I added velcro to keep the main compartment closed. And a big red button that does nothing.

The cute little name patch on the strap is actually a fix for a really stupid mistake. Folks, make sure your straps are going the right direction before you sew them down, because you do not want to have to redo them. I just cut the strap and got it untwisted, sewing the patch over the unsightly cut bit. But I don't really recommend doing that.

And here's what all the family has been waiting for- Action pics!

You mean I'm supposed to carry this thing?
But it's SO HEAVY!
Contrary to my captions, of course, he loves his backpack.

I'm looking forward to using this bag on our next trip to the library! Our libraries have installed automatic book drops which suck in the books and flash green and red lights- very exciting. Last time the Little Man put one of his toys through.

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  1. Yes! I do love pictures of Kai. And I liked the captions too. You are such a clever mama. Yup, the strap accident is bound to happen, so all followers now have a head's up on that one. Good fix though. love you, mama