Saturday, January 5, 2013

What I've Been Reading

So, our whole family has been battling this stupid cold for weeks. It seems like we're just re-infecting each other, over and over again. So I've been reading a lot between the sniffles and hacking cough. (And yes, I did call my doctor today, and I'm waiting for them to call back.)

A while ago, Guy and I bought a huge pile of graphic novels from a friend who was moving. I'm not usually much of a comic book reader- you just don't get enough reading time for what you spend on them. Although I do have fond memories of reading every scrap of Elfquest available in our local library back in high school. (It's online now! You can read it for free!)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. One of the titles our friend was selling off was Fables, and I picked up all eleven volumes that he was selling on a whim. And then they sat on a shelf for a few months. And then I ran out of books to read.

I think I read all eleven of these in less than a week.

Fables is a fractured fairy tale type of story- the characters from the old fairy tales and nursery rhymes have had to flee their homelands and have set up an enclave in New York City called Fabletown. Somehow this is pulled off without excessive silliness and the reader is drawn into the world that the authors have created.

Luckily for me, volume eleven finishes off a major story arc. So I can wait for a while before I track down the next seven volumes that have come out. But I will definitely be reading them at some point! And so should you.

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