Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A day in Texas

I was hoping to have Kai's pajama pants- and the second post on them- done last weekend. Sadly, between planning for our spring break trip to Texas and the convention Guy worked at on Saturday, I couldn't get it done. So here is a collection of photos I took on a trip to the playground with Kai instead.

I've been visiting my in-laws here for at least five years and I didn't know that there was a playground and park not five minutes walk from their house. It's out of the way- you drive through the church parking lot to a one lane road behind the last row of houses to get to it. Maybe that's why there weren't many people there, or maybe it's because the local schools aren't on their break this week. Either way, the only person Kai and I met for the first 45 minutes or so was a groundskeeper.

Community gardens
Next to the playground were the community gardens. I hung out for a bit, checking out what people were growing, until I spotted this terrifying fellow and decided to back away slowly.

Texas, you're going too far with the whole "everything is bigger" thing.
The playground was way fun. Lots of things to climb on. Once Kai realized I was taking pictures of him, he started to vamp for the camera. 

I have about ten pictures of him in this red thing. This one is my favorite.

Kai is thrilled to be able to go out every day in shorts. It's hard to see, but he's all scrapes and bruises on his legs- the life of a little boy is hard.

Kai used to hate swings, and has only gotten over it in the last few months. Now he's swung in the complete opposite direction- he loves to swing and go as high as I can get him!

Toward the end of playtime. The sun was coming out and it was starting to get hot, the kind of heat that reminds one of why one comes to Texas in the early spring rather than the summer. It's nice to be warm, though.

And that's all! Tune in next week sometime for the finale to the saga of the pj pants!

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  1. Oh, thank you for posting pictures of Kai. Skype time with Jemma has been slim lately. I miss our visual conversations.